Shepherd Pain Institute
2020 Peachtree Rd, NW
Atlanta, GA 30309
Phone: 404-352-2020

About Us

The Shepherd Pain Institute offers pain management and rehabilitation for individuals experiencing chronic pain problems. You do not need to be a Shepherd Center spinal cord patient to be seen at the Shepherd Pain Institute. SPI sees all patients with chronic pain. Because a variety of factors can contribute to an individual's pain, the staff at Shepherd Pain Institute uses a multi-disciplinary approach to treatment.

We use the latest imaging technology to establish a precise diagnosis, treating pain at its source and providing a comprehensive rehabilitation plan to ensure the best possible opportunity for long-term improvement.

Our physicians, nurses, psychologists and physical therapists, who are specifically trained in pain medicine and rehabilitation, use a three-step treatment process of diagnosis, intervention and rehabilitation. Our physicians are fellowship-trained and board-certified in Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation and Pain Medicine.

Solutions in Pain Management
Pain is one of the most common complaints presented to physicians today, yet it is also one of the most difficult medical problems to understand and treat adequately. In the setting of an acute injury, pain serves a useful purpose as a warning system of possible bodily harm. However, we now understand that pain can persist beyond the normal healing period.

Pain takes a tremendous toll, causing suffering and enormous disruptions in personal relationships and employment. Additionally, chronic pain has a tremendous economic impact on society.

Usual daily activities, once taken for granted, become physical and mental challenges. Eventually family members will become deeply affected. Fortunately, many recent advances in the emerging field of pain management offer hope to those who suffer from chronic pain.

The Philosophy of the Shepherd Pain Institute
The Shepherd Pain Institute takes a multi-disciplinary approach to the practice of medicine. We specialize in the evaluation, diagnosis and application of interventional treatment for the management of pain and related disorders.

We believe the patient should take an active role in the treatment of pain. We encourage patient involvement in the medical decision-making process and invite questions regarding treatment options.

The team at the Shepherd Pain Institute believes that pain and the psychophysiological state of a person’s health go hand-in-hand. Research shows that the mind and body connection is extremely important. By focusing on what’s causing pain and discomfort – and changing a patient’s focus to overall wellness – life in general will improve.

Shepherd Pain Institute's mission is to help people with pain including those with catastrophic injuries, neurologic and degenerative disease, with a focus on restoring funcation, improving quality of life, and reducing dependence on medications, while enhancing psychological well-being and independence.

Goals of our Pain Management Program: to become a Center of Excellence for patients with neurologic and musculoskeletal pain, and to provide pain management alternatives to patients with pain with the purpose of:

  • Producing outcomes that demonstrate improvement in all measurements of services
    • Decreasing pain
    • Increasing productivity and functional activity
    • Improving quality of life
  • Decreasing the use/reliance of addictive medications
  • Develop standards of practice for assessment and management options for patients with pain here at Shepherd Center
  • Develop education programs in pain management
  • Expand to performing comprehensive evaluation with new patients (this will include psychology and medical)

Population Served

  • Chronic pain management (specific to referral intake, WC, no self referral)
  • Expand services to Shepherd Center inpatients (acute and chronic) including pain psychology services
  • People with neurologic pain due to catastrophic injuries or disease (SCI, MS)